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Our Free Online Resource's to Help Aesthetic Practitioners

A reliable source of information is worth its weight in gold when you need support.

That's why we have produced this free resource centre for aesthetic practitioners to use as and when they need to.

We want to help practitioners stay informed about the importance of clinical excellence in addition to helping them stay abreast of new developments, techniques and products in the field which in turn can help them provide better service to their clients.

We also believe that by providing these resource's we can help to build a sense of community helping to raise the standard of care in the Aesthetics Industry.

Consultation success

Consultation success

can you treat them?

Your checklist for a successful consultation


how to assess the lips

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treatment justification

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Injction techniques

Injection techniques

needle dexterity & control

how to prevent quivering and shaking and create a confident injection

lip injection patterns

a selection of needle patterns for varying lip types and styles

botulinum toxin patterns

Some of the most useful patterns to use 



areas to take caution

a guide to which areas of the face present a greater risk

identifying complication

How you should diagnose a complication

consent form for hyalase

Whether elective or emergency dissolving, you need this.

lip filler consent form

Obtaining the correct consent for treatment is important

how to aspirate correctly

When & how to aspirate

dermal filler complication

10 of the most common complications caused by filler placement

lumps of dermal filler in lips

How to recognise, diagnose and to treat filler lumps

bruising during lip filler 

What is a bruise, what causes them & how to minimise/ avoid


reversing dermal filler

What to do in an emergency situation

delayed onset of nodules

Can you identify and treat. This guide is designed to help

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