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Hyaluronidase Consent Forms

Hyaluronidase, more commonly known by the brand name "Hyalase", is the product that Aesthetic Practitioners use for the dispersal of dermal filler products that are made from cross linked Hyaluronic acid (dermal filler).

This may be as a result of a complication that occurs during a treatment, occurs later on after treatment or in some cases, an elective dissolve when patients no longer wish to have the look that was created by their treatment.

In every case it is vitally important that your client/ patient is fully equipped with the correct information to enable them to make a fully informed decision whether or not to proceed and, that this consultation and consent process is correctly documented.

To help practitioners get a head start with the process we have produced what we believe to be a consent form that will highlight necessary information for you to use during your consultation process whilst obtaining from the patient all of the necessary consents. 

Hyaluronidase consent form 2023_edited.jpg
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